Project Overview

The Company's key focus is its highly prospective lithium projects - the 70%
owned Kitotolo Lithium Project and the 51% owned Kanuka Lithium Project -
located in the world class Manono - Kitotolo region of DRC.

Each of Force's projects have pegmatites across significant areas of their project area
and both lie to the south of ASX listed AVZ Minerals' 'world-class' Manono Lithium
Project (refer to location map below).

AVZ's Manono Project is considered to be potnetially one of the largest lithium-rich
LCT (lithium, caesium, tantalum) pegmatite deposits in the world.
Work performed to date by AVZ has demonstrated that the pegmatites extend for a strike length of
13km+ and is more than 200m wide and more than 240m thick in places.

Figure 1:  Location Map - Kitotolo Lithium Project and Kanuka Lithium Project

Figure 1: Location Map - Kitotolo Lithium Project and Kanuka Lithium Project

In addition, the company has three projects in New South Wales (Australia), the Halls Peak Base Metals Project, the Mt Adrah Gold Project, and the Rocky River - Uralla Gold Project.

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Rocky River – Uralla Project

·         Located around the township of Uralla, 21 kms south-west of Armidale, in New South Wales.

·         Historic goldfield that has received little attention for past 60+ years.

·         Demonstrates the potential for a large Intrusion-Related Gold Systems (IRGS).